What To Serve With Stuffed Peppers?

This is one of the common questions that we often ask while preparing this dish, what to serve with stuffed peppers? It comes with a rich aroma and the fragrant of the peppers stuffed with herbs, spices and meat, which makes it more alluring and delicious.

This healthy stuffed peppers are easy to make, and freezes well, and you can simply use the leftover of the dinner to prepare a delicious cuisines out of it, just as I do.

However, after you have prepared the dish, the thing with which you struggle is what to serve with stuffed peppers? But you do not need to worry since there are some good food pairings that will clear your confusion on what to serve with stuffed peppers?


What are stuffed peppers?

Stuffed peppers, as the name suggests, is a delicious dish that has come to descend from the Spanish, Mexican and Italian kitchens. All the preparation has a distinct taste. You simply make the pepper hollow, scoop out the flesh and pulp from inside and stuff with all sorts of fillings with herbs, spices and meats.

The stuffed peppers in specific regions has distinct tastes. Let me help you to understand what makes them different.

​Italian Stuffed Pepper

An Italian style stuffed pepper is filled with Italian sausages and rice, Italian herbs, tomatoes and basil as spices and lot of cheeses like Parmesan, part-skim mozzarella.Know the easy steps to prepare Italian Stuffed Pepper at allrecipes.com or watch the video

Spanish Stuffed Pepper

It usually contains meat, ginger, curry powder, rice, oregano, cayenne pepper (one of the hottest chili in the world.)Watch the video to know how to prepare Spanish Stuffed Pepper

Mexican Stuffed Peppers

Mexican style stuffed peppers is usually stuffed with ground beef for meat, chili powder, tomato sauce or puree, cheese and rice.If you are preparing Mexican style stuffed peppers for two people at night, then this video will be of great help, do watch.

​Though the stuffing elements seem to be similar, especially the presence of the cheese, but taste and aroma of the variety differs greatly from others. Well, other than these three stuffed peppers, you can also make some out of your own mind.I like stuffing with tofu, mushrooms, herbs, cheese, tomatoes and minces of chicken to taste.

​Even you may like the Betty Crocker's Stuffed Pepper Recipe. You just need a few minutes to prepare it and must have an 8-inch square glass baking dish to stuff it in the Dutch oven. Amazon have these 8-inch glass baking dishes in stock at a low price, you can easily have one, if you do not have it in your crockery rack.

​Now stuffed peppers are great to make. It is healthy; so many diet conscious freaks do choose it over any other type of spicy dishes. But the confusion comes when you do not know what to serve with stuffed peppers.

Well, let's get straight into the topic and discover some of the great food pairings that will let you be the queen or king of the dining table.

​What To Serve With Stuffed Peppers?

As we have been discussing at the beginning of the article, what to serve with stuffed peppers is one of the difficult kitchen riddles to solve for many of us. Well, if you are stuffing the peppers with rice, then you must choose something light as a counterpart.

what to serve with stuffed peppers

peppers stuffed with rice- Via:haveariceday.com

​And if you choose something light as your ingredient like I picked tofu, then you can surely serve it with something heavy.

Aside from heavy ingredients in your preparation, you also need to pay attention to the necessary texture and aroma. It is important to have the balance and ensure that the overall meal delivers a pleasant experience.

​You can easily mix and match a bunch of foods and give a reason to the eaters and gastronomes to have a sensational experience. Here are the side dishes that you can pair up to avoid the age-old confusion of what to serve with stuffed peppers.


​If you have prepared a heavy dish with stuffed peppers, then have a light and crunchy salad as a side dish. You can serve the eaters with coleslaw salads or a simple lettuce and vegetable salad with vinaigrette in dressing. A crunchy salad dish is just going to complete your meal, if your stuffed pepper has meat and rice before.


roasted potatoes

If you are preparing stuffed peppers with light ingredients, such as with no starch contents and less meat, then you need to balance them with a side dish of potato. You can bake, roast or fry sliced potatoes with a little bit of herbs like basil and sauté them in butter and bring the light brown texture in it.

​However, you can also give a try to add some cream, mash the potatoes and have a little cheese to garnish from above.


This is one of the common side dishes that act as a savior when you are trapped with the confusion of what to serve with stuffed peppers. The sweet taste of the bread is not too overpowering so you can have it with stuffed peppers, whether it is made of heavy ingredients or light ingredients. The crunch and sweet taste of the bread balance every meal.

​What Are You Going To Serve With Your Stuffed Peppers?

After you have prepared a stuffed pepper and you are confident about the choice of your ingredients, then you can easily pick any one of the side dish mentioned above and spice up your meal any moment. Whether you are having a DIY stuffed pepper recipe or a Spanish, Mexican or may be an Italian stuffed pepper all can find a good pairing with bread, salads or fried potatoes.

All you need to remember is to balance the meal correctly. The dishes should not be heavy and not even light, either. It should fill your stomach.

If you have found this article, or have any other good side dish ideas to serve with stuffed peppers, please mention them below in your comments. Enjoy reading and cooking till then!

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