What Does Sushi Taste Like? The Essentials For A Marvelous Experience

So, what does sushi taste like? Sadly, opinions greatly vary when it comes to this classic dish which is a must-have in Japanese cuisine.

It is, however, very hard for even the most avid lovers of Japanese cuisine to dive in head first into eating sushi without getting an opinion on its taste.

Well, it's high time we put this matter to rest once and for all.


What Is Sushi?

Before getting down to the nitty-gritty of what sushi tastes like, it is imperative to find out what sushi is. Many have fallen trap to the common myth that sushi is synonymous to raw fish.Sadly, they are greatly mistaken.

The term sushi refers to vinegared rice with other ingredients added to it. Sashimi is the real term for raw fish. Apart from vinegared rice, sushi is also made up of vegetables or some form of seafood.

The types of fish that you can use include tuna, salmon, eel, and tofu. Beginners usually prefer sushi with tuna and salmon as compared to sushi with eel.

This video shows how to make delightful sushi from the comfort of your home. It is very instructive.

What Does Sushi Taste Like?

Since sushi has several ingredients, the final flavor will be highly dependent on the harmony of the elements. You can serve with soy sauce and wasabi. Some ginger like this one also goes well with it.

​Try not to mix the wasabi and soy sauce. The wasabi should be put on the topping, in this case, the fish. Roll the sushi and dip the fish in soy sauce.

​Although this is the traditional way to eat sushi, some western restaurants allow you to mix the wasabi and soy sauce. It is wise not to eat the ginger with the sushi.

​It is used as a palate cleanser to be taken when eating different types of sushi in one sitting. You make it when you want to switch from one type of sushi to another.

When eating sushi, you will mostly taste the sweetness of the rice since it is the main ingredient. You will also taste the bitterness of the wasabi and the saltiness of the soy sauce.

​These tastes may inspire mixed emotions in beginners. Although this is the general taste of sushi, its flavor profile can be profoundly affected by several factors.

The type of fish used will ultimately change the flavor profile. Also how you eat the sushi will also affect it. People who choose to mix the soy sauce and wasabi will experience a different flavor.

​Some people may decide to dip the sushi rice in the soy sauce. Dipping it also affects its taste. To get an authentic sushi taste, you have to follow the traditional way of eating sushi.

​Different restaurants and people prepare sushi differently, therefore, inspiring different flavors. For instance, in Japan, the rice only has vinegar and rice while in some American restaurants sugar is added to the rice.

​Also, the wasabi in some restaurants is not authentic but is a combination of ingredients that give you the same taste. However, find authentic wasabi here.

Additionally, there are several types of sushi, each having a unique flavor profile

Types Of Sushi

1. Maki Sushi

Maki sushi just means rolled sushi. It is the most common type of sushi and is what comes to my mind first when I think of sushi. It comes from sushi rice, and slices of fish rolled in seaweed.

Other materials can also be used for rolling the sushi. Maki Sushi is the best type of sushi for beginners. I recommend the California roll since it has little or no fish.

The cucumber roll is also an excellent choice for beginners and may also have no fish. There are several forms of maki sushi depending on the rolling method.

Some of the types of maki sushi are:

  • Hosomaki (thin roll) – rice is on the inside, nori (seaweed) is on the outside.
  • Chumaki (medium roll)–rice is on the inside, nori is on the outside.
  • Futomaki (full roll)–rice is on the inside; nori is on the outside.
  • Uramaki (inside-out roll)– rice is on the outside, nori is on the inside
  • Temaki (hand roll)–a cone shaped roll.

2. Nigiri Sushi

It is sushi in the form of a rectangle. It is commonly known as hand pressed sushi. This sushi is made up of a rectangular block of rice with fish placed on top of it.I advise you to eat this type of sushi only after progressing from eating maki sushi. I would not recommend it for beginners. Tuna fish or shrimp can be used for this sushi

3. Chirashi Sushi

It is scattered sushi. Put it in a bowl with a lot of other ingredients. It may or may not contain seafood. Seafood that you may include is tuna and halibut among others.It serves as an excellent snack that you may easily make from leftovers

4. Inari

It is a fried tofu pouch which is full with sushi rice. It may contain rice only or may have other ingredients like shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and sesame seeds.

5. Oshi Sushi

Oshi is sushi in box shape using a mold. Put the fish in the bottom fold before you add rice on top of it.

The Ball Is In Your Court

When all is said and done, it is up to you to find out how different types of sushi taste and which type you like best.

Armed with personal experience, you will not be caught off guard when someone asks you, "What does sushi taste like?"

There are a few pointers that can come in handy when frequenting sushi bars:

  • Never mix the wasabi and soy sauce.
  • Nigiri should not be eaten using chopsticks.
  • Use your hands.
  • Smoking in a sushi bar is not courteous. It compromises the aromas of the tasty dishes.

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