Substitute For Queso Fresco – Number 3 Will Impress You

Queso Fresco might rival ricotta, feta and goat cheese as one of the most incredible cheeses to have at hand during the hot summer months. It makes the ideal accompaniment to both summer vegetables and grilled food.

So what’s queso fresco? Which is the best way to incorporate it into your food? What are some of the substitutes for this cheese? All these are million dollar questions that need substantial answers. Read on to learn more.


Queso Fresco

Queso fresco also goes by the name Fresh cheese. Simply put, it’s a Mexican cheese that’s conventionally made from a combination of goat and cow milk or just raw cow milk. In the United States, you’re most likely to find the pasteurized version.

There’s no doubt that the flavor for this sumptuous cheese is mild, milky, bright and fresh. It’s a handy complement to many dishes. You can use it to provide contrast to heavier dishes such as huevos rancheros and enchiladas. It can also be magical by complementing something that’s equally light such as grilled vegetables and salads.

The trademark for this kind of cheese is its salty-sour kick. While it might be creamy through its freshness, queso fresco does not have a buttery or rich taste.

How To Make Queso Fresco

The process for making queso fresco is fairly simple. All you need to do is acidify milk and then leave it to curdle. Afterwards, you can strain your acidified milk in cheesecloth and press it.

If you intend to sell it, you can do so immediately of age it for a couple of days prior to packaging it for sale. Conventional queso fresco doesn’t hold for long. However, because the cheese tends to be cryovacked in plastic, you can still find it at the grocery stores.

Queso fresco is incredible with egg dishes. Alternatively, you can use it as a garnish on your chilled summer soups. One of the most popular ways of serving it is with mint or watermelon for a light dessert or appetizer. It’s even better with corn on the butter, lime, and cob.

Top Substitutes For Queso Fresco

#1: Goat Cheese

Today, different varieties of goat cheese exist. This is especially true if you’ve got access to a great farmer’s market. Goat cheese boasts an array of similarities with the sheep-goat combo or sheep’s cheese that makes feta.

If you’re looking for the best goat cheese to substitute queso fresco, then you should settle for the crumbly version of goat cheese. You’ll definitely enjoy the taste.

#2: Feta Cheese

There is no doubt that feta cheese is among the most famous kinds of cheese in the world. Nevertheless, it’s also a sumptuous food that is loved and loathed in equal measure.

Therefore, what should you do is you aren’t a queso fresco enthusiast but you’ve got a recipe that demands of it? The prudent thing to do is to try feta cheese. The good thing is that this substitute is almost similar in terms of taste.

However, it’s not as strong when it comes to taste. It appeals to those that are into queso fresco recipes but don’t like cheeses with strong flavors.

#3: Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese is effortless to find. You can find it in almost any location. It brings with it a different taste compared to queso fresco. It’s a sweeter cheese whereas queso fresco tends to be acidic and salty. One of the similarities is the fact that their texture is crumbly.

Additionally, in many recipes, they both serve the same purpose. Are you looking for an ideal substitute that does not taste like queso fresco but almost cooks similarly? If that’s the case, then Ricotta cheese should be your favorite.

#4: Halloumi

Halloumi is a kind of cheese that’s almost similar to queso fresco. While queso fresco is made from raw cow’s milk or a combination of cow and goat milk, Halloumi is made through the combination of goat’s and sheep’s milk.

Of great importance to note is the fact that you can find halloumi that’s packaged in brine and then there’s another one that resembles the regular packaged cheese. People that aren’t into queso fresco’s taste might find halloumi’s milder version to be a better option for them.

#5: Tofu Cheese

Some people might prefer not to take queso fresco since they’re vegan and do not intend to consume dairy. Are you such person? If yes, then you’re lucky. Nowadays, there are plenty of recipes out there that provide vegan alternatives for cheese.

The tofu-based recipes tend to be the most common alternatives. The main reason for that is the fact that tofu easily crumbles just like queso fresco.

#6: Asadero

Asadero might be one of the most challenging cheeses to find but it’s definitely worth the hunt. It’s an ideal cheese for melting. Because of that fact, asadero is an excellent candidate to be used in chile rellenos.

Just like queso fresco, this type of cheese tends to be mild when it comes to flavor. It’s also creamier compared to the aged varieties. There is no doubt about that.


A Mexican cheese, queso fresco is always available for purchase both in Mexico and in some parts of the United States. However, the queso fresco that’s sold in Mexico is totally different with that which is sold in the United States. True and pure queso fresco is normally made from raw milk.

In America, because of bacteria concerns, that is not the case. After knowing that fact, it’s great to say that either of these versions is crumbly. You can use them as a topping. While it might be salty and acidic, it tends to be milder compared to most of the above substitutes. Try it today and discover its magic.

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