How To Melt Nutella In Under 10 Minutes!

Have you ever at least once in your life, come across hard and dry Nutella? Despite the sweet, rich taste in this hazelnut-chocolate blessing from the gods, Nutella can be quite the source of frustration when hard. I tried to apply it on bread one day and ended up wasting three slices before I learned my lesson. It is with this experience that I wrote this article with a few pointers on how to melt Nutella.


People have always been devising new ways to soften their Nutella. However, most of these methods may not be permanent, and the Nutella might just go back to its original form. Whether you use a microwave to get the job done or add water and flex your muscles to whip it until it's soft, you will need to make sure that you keep your Nutella from seizing.

Some methods may be efficient but create other problems, as seen above, and may affect more than just the flavor. So how do you melt Nutella? Which methods are safe? How do I do it safely without risking injury to myself? I did some research and found three ways to help you melt your Nutella. Also, I have answered all the above questions for you, and the main one as well in this article.

A List Of The Items You Need

The Main Item​

  • Nutella

It goes without saying that the first and main item needed is your hard Nutella. The amount required is dependent on your intent for the Nutella. If you want to use it on bread, then a few spoonfuls will be enough. However, for desserts, you might need the whole jar or another depending on your guest list.

For The First Method
(Hot Butter Knife)

  • Butter Knife

A butter knife is an excellent option to help you melt your Nutella mainly because of its ability to slice through butter, which is somewhat similar in texture compared to Nutella. Did you know that a butter knife uses your body heat to warm cold butter?

While it may require heat from more than just your body to do the same with Nutella, a stainless butter knife is the best option for this method.

  • Hot Tea Or Coffee

I'm not certain what your preference is when it comes to these two beverages, so I went for both and let you pick one. Both of them are very efficient at heating your butter knife to the proper temperature. I'm betting too that if you opt for this option, you will-will need the Nutella to spread on your bread.

What better way to melt your Nutella then than with steaming hot tea or coffee, which will be accompanied by soft Nutella on your bread? Remember, whatever your choice between these two will be, it needs to be really hot for the butter knife to function effectively.

For The Second Method
(Hot Water Steam Bath)

  • A Bowl

The size of the bowl you chose matters a lot because it needs to be big enough to accommodate the Nutella jar and leave some room. However, regardless of the size, you need to ensure that the bowl is microwavable. I would recommend a glass bowl since you will be able to see the Nutella jar as it floats inside it clearly.

  • Hot Water

Hot water provides the heat needed to melt your hard Nutella. The amount of water required should be able to submerge at least half of your Nutella jar. Since hot water is a hazardous topic, you need to ensure that you are careful so that it doesn't spill on your hands, use mittens if they're available.

For The Third And Last Method
(Using A Microwave)

  • A Microwave Oven

This option is open for anybody with a microwave oven in their house. However, in case you do not have one, the other two options are equally as efficient and require items you already have at home. The microwave oven is used to supply the heat necessary to melt your Nutella.

  • Microwave-Safe Container

It is not safe to put anything in a microwave if it is not microwave-safe. A microwave-safe container is ideal when melting your Nutella jar because most of these jars are covered in plastics. As such, the plastic material can quickly melt and leak into the Nutella making it utterly useless.

  • Spoon

Lastly, you will need a metal spoon. Size or shape does not matter here as long as the material is metal, it helps distribute the heat evenly on the hard Nutella. You will be required to stir the Nutella from time to time, and a metallic spoon is the best way to go about it.


Method One (Hot Butter Knife)

  • Step 1: Warm The Butter Knife

There are two ways to warm your butter knife using your hot beverage. You can either submerge it or place it on top of your cup. Ensure that it is hot enough before proceeding to step two.

  • Step 2: Scrape Your Nutella

When it is hot enough, use the butter knife to scrape the required an amount of Nutella from the jar. The blade warms it thereby melting it in the process.

Method Two (Hot Water Steam Bath)

  • Step 1: Boil Water

You can use a kettle to boil water or use hot water already stored in a thermos. Nonetheless, ensure that the amount of water you heat fills is more than half the bowl you chose for this method.

  • Step 2: Pour It Into The Bowl And Out In The Nutella Jar

Pour the hot water into the bowl up to about halfway. The reason for this is to ensure that the water doesn't spill over once you put the Nutella jar in the bowl. Now put the Nutella jar inside the bowl and leave if for five minutes.

  • Step 3: Take It Out And Stir

Remove the Nutella jar, open the lid, and stir. If it has not reached your desired consistency, close the jar and submerge it in hot water again then remove and stir. Use a metal spoon while stirring to distribute the heat evenly.

Method Three (Using A Microwave)

  • Step 1: Scoop The Nutella

A spoon is good when measuring the amount of Nutella you need. The standard required for a gelato is different than the one required for two slices of bread. Therefore, if you do not wish to have leftovers, use a spoon to estimate the correct amount you will need.

  • Step 2: Put It In The Microwave-Safe Container

After determining the amount required, put it in the microwave-safe bowl. The reason for this is to ensure no toxic chemicals leak into your Nutella.

  • Step 3: Heat In Intervals

Set the microwave to medium heat and heat the container in 15-second intervals to prevent the Nutella from getting scorched. Here's how:

  • Step 4: Stir

Most microwaves warm food from the middle out, a good stir after you remove your Nutella from the microwave will ensure that the heat is distributed evenly. I use a metal spoon and can attest that it is a better option as opposed to a plastic one.

If your Nutella is still hard, stick it back in the microwave for 15 seconds again then remove it and stir until it reaches your desired softness.


These three methods were a revelation to me, and now I even look forward to enjoying my Nutella without worrying that I might find it hardened. In the same way, this list can eradicate that fear from you, too. Even better, these are methods that you can easily and quickly follow, and all the items needed are readily available.

Did you like the article? Try out these methods and let me know what you think in the comment section.

Dao Luong

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