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What Does Eel Taste Like? You Will Be Impressed

I know we all wonder to ourselves how this sea creature worth more than uranium, silver and Kobe beef combined tastes like. The question in your head pops up as, “What does eel taste like?” Which creature is this?

The funny thing is, a pound of Uranium costs $42.25, silver is around $445, Kobe beef costs $500 per pound while a pound of bluefin fish is an approximate $1300.

Obviously, you are curious to knowing why and want to try this out that’s why I will not only tell you about the taste of this precious eel meal served in deep fried, grilled or steamed forms but also some facts about eel.

What Does Mahi-Mahi Taste Like? Everything You Need To Know.

Mahi-mahi has become one of the most popular edible fish these days. You are probably wondering, "What does mahi-mahi taste like?" Well, you have come to the right place.

As a person who loves fish, I have had the pleasure of sampling several types of fish in my day. None of them compare to mahi-mahi.

This article is for people like you who are curious about this Hawaiian fish. Before we dive into what mahi-mahi tastes like, we must first find out more about it.

The Best And Super Easy Guide On How Long To Deep Fry Shrimp

The answer to the question “how long to deep fry shrimp,” regardless of size, is two to three minutes only. That’s if you want to retain its sweet juiciness. If you will leave it longer than that you risk losing the crunchy, restaurant-quality textures that deep-fried shrimps have.

Cooking shrimp can be quite intimidating. If you didn’t grow up in a shrimp cocktail family, you'd think that only chefs can cook the perfect deep-fried shrimp. No one can blame you for that. After all, shrimp is not an everyday dish like chicken or pork.

What Is Fontina Cheese, And What Are The Best Ways To Use It?

The nutty and creamy flavor of the fontina easily makes it one of the best cheeses in the world. But what is fontina cheese? Fontina is a cow's milk cheese that is rich in butterfat content. It originates from Italy’s Aosta Valley, which is why it is locally called Fontina Val d’Aosta

It also has a slightly spicy flavor and it melts quickly. It is an excellent cheese to use on top as it combines just right with other ingredients.