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What Does Asparagus Taste Like And How Is It Prepared? – You’ll Love The Answer

Ever tried asparagus? What does asparagus taste like? How did you like it?

​Often, many people make promises to themselves on eating better and getting in shape. So how can asparagus help in your resolve? What does eating better entail?

​Vegetables, asparagus to be precise!

​A good number of individuals are into generic veggies such as spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, iceberg lettuce, all of which are excellent. They’re incredibly delicious when you cook them right. However, after a while, they can turn out to be repetitive.

​When such a thing happens, folks either drop vegetables or search for different ones, which they try. Some of other veggies you can try include asparagus, edamame, eggplant, kale, cucumbers, artichokes etc.

​One factor that concerns many people when it comes to trying new things has to do with taste. For that reason, I’ve decided to zoom in on one veggie, asparagus to let you know exactly how it tastes.

​Before looking at that, let’s first get started with foods that can accompany asparagus and how to cook it. Read on …

Heavy Cream Vs. Half And Half – Which One Is The Best?

As the resident ‘foodie’ at my place of work, I normally field questions related to food. One of the most common questions I answer is, which is the best cream between heavy cream and half & half cream.

Many people ask me whether they can substitute either of these two for the other. The heavy cream vs. half and half debate has been on for quite some time now. Most folks are clueless on which of the two to use on which recipe.

Cream has remained an indispensable addition to countless recipes. The difference between different creams is the milk fat amount in each. Milk fat is a substance that rises naturally right to the top of unhomogenized milk. The cream – fat layer at the top – is separated from the milk and then pasteurized.

The Weird But Unbelievably Satisfying Taste Of Octopus

Octopus dishes have been making waves. Most people love it grilled or roasted. But some people want to try the more traditional way of eating it – raw. So, what does octopus taste like?

When cooked right, this cephalopod is delicious and perfectly tender. When you eat it raw, it’s mushy and chewy. You may think eating live octopus is gross at first, but you’ll later find that its chewiness is quite pleasurable.

Iodized vs. Non Iodized Salt – The Stack Differences Will Stun You

It’s most likely that you consume salt daily. Salt is contained in almost all the foods you purchase. When preparing meals at home, you add some salt, don’t you?

What you might not know is the fact that salts used in preparing meals are of two different types, that is, iodized or non-iodized salt. The two distinct salts are quite different. They differ in quite a number of ways.

Before I answer this query directly, it’s prudent that I give some background. Every human needs traces of iodine for growth and proper development. Iodine, a non-metallic mineral exists in a good number of soils. It’s absorbed by plants and then ingested by animals and humans.

Difference Between Peas And Beans – The Answer Will Surprise You

Are you one of the people that misidentify beans and peas? Do you normally get confused about which of these two is a seed and which one is a legume?

The difference between beans and peas is something that many people have to grapple with day in day out. While peas and beans are members of the same family – Fabaceae – they have huge differences that you shouldn’t overlook.

I’ve been writing about different plants for as I can remember. That explains why I’m so passionate about beans and peas. I’ll be explaining the major differences between these two shortly.

Before that, let me first highlight some basics, which will help you understand the differences further.