Can You Freeze Lunch Meat? Discover The Shocking Truth

Lunch meat is also known as luncheon meat, deli meat, or cold cut. You can purchase these kinds of meats in retail stores and deli markets. Deli meats normally take the form of loaves or slices. Because of the rising demand for these ready-to-consume products, lunch meats have become highly popular.

Just as their name suggests, lunch meats are handy for lunch sandwiches. Since they’re already pasteurized and cooked, there’s no need to be worried about bacteria contamination. To address the needs of customers, the meats may or may not be cured.

What is for sure is the fact that lunch meats are not only versatile foods, they’re also sumptuous. You can find them in almost all households in different forms. Some people add them as the main star in a sandwich. Others dice the meats and add them to their favorite salads. Another group serves them in thin slices together with cheese.


Unquestionably, lunch meats elevate all dishes. That explains why they’re highly popular in grocery stores.

Lunch meats are a darling for many people. To ensure you do not waste these special treats, freezing is an excellent idea. By being just a little bit smart regarding your freezing process, you can be able to store your meat for such a long time and then enjoy anytime you feel like.

Their versatility and amazing taste coupled with the fact that they’re affordable tempts you to make buy and fill your lunch meat stock. However, where will you store them? The truth is that even the prepackaged lunch meat has a very short life inside a refrigerator.

Consequently, the million dollar question that then begs is, is it possible to freeze lunch meat? And if it’s a yes, for how long can you do it?

Can You Freeze Lunch Meat?

Yes, it’s very much possible to freeze lunch meat. This is according to the Food Marketing Institute. The agency holds that users can freeze the meat up to two months if they seal it in a package. The rule of thumb is to never store the meat for over two months. By extending its storage, you’ll alter its flavor and texture.

So what’s the secret to maintaining the freshness of the meat? The secret is to wrap is properly without leaving any space for air. If the meat is exposed to air in your freezer, it turns to be dry and parched. Sealing air out also your freezer from burning.

How To Freeze Lunch Meat

​Labeling And Storage Options

As indicated earlier, in order to maintain your meat’s freshness, you should freeze them in appropriate packages. The following storage options are the best when it comes to storing your lunch meat inside the freezer:

  • Vacuum sealed bag
  • Freezer bag
  • Plastic wrap

Utilize several layers to store your lunch meat inside a plastic wrap. Doing that create a thick shield against the freezer burns. What’s more is the fact that you can place the lunch meat inside a heavy duty freezer bag. Prior to sealing it, ensure that you get rid of all air. Watch this video to see how you can use a straw to suck all the air out of the freezer bag.

Is your lunch meat already vacuum sealed? If yes, then it’s possible to place it straight into the freezer. If it’s not vacuum sealed, then you need to utilize a vacuum sealer to get rid of all air. Many people invest in the costly machine since it’s highly effective in terms of freezing all kinds of foods.

The other thing you need to do at this stage is to label every package with the freezing date. Doing so ensures you don’t end up guessing when your lunch meat will go bad. For amazing results, just place a tissue or paper towel in between slices. By doing that, the package will seep all moisture that’s left inside the bag.

Thawing Frozen Lunch Meats

He safest way you can thaw frozen meat is by defrosting it gradually inside the refrigerator. Even though the process might consume plenty of time, there is minimal possibility of bacteria growth. Are you looking for a way to save time? If yes, then you can defrost your meat inside the fridge overnight in order to use it in the morning.

If you happen to be in a pinch, feel free to defrost it inside the microwave. All you need to do is heat it for just some seconds and then use it immediately. Alternatively, submerge your lunch meat in cold water.

Defrosted meats normally last in your fridge for not more than five days.

Important Note

Fully processed meat is scraped, grounded, emulsified and fermented with sugar and preservatives. Finally, it’s placed in a mold. Afterwards, the meat is preserved for a long time by moving it into a dripping room.

Alternatively, it can be fully smoked or cooked and then packaged. The final kind of deli meats passes through different motions of cooking and processing before it’s packaged. Ultimately, it’s ready for consumption.

In fact, you can consume these meats right from the box. However, heating might be required with some varieties before you consume.


Is it possible to freeze lunch meat? Of course yes, you can! You can preserve your meat for future use (not more than two months) inside the freezer. The secret is to store it in airtight containers such as plastic wrap, vacuum sealed bag, and freezer bags. When it comes to the process of thawing, all you need to do is place the frozen deli meats inside the refrigerator for the whole night or heat in your microwave and you’ll be good to go.

I really hope the above tutorial was handy. Ever tried freezing your lunch meat? Do you have an easy to follow and understand method? Kindly let us know in the comments section below. If you found this primer helpful, don’t hesitate to let the world know.

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