Can You Freeze Deli Meat: Discover The Scandalous Truth

Deli meats consist of different types. They include luncheon meats such as bologna and dry cured meats such as prosciutto. The major question many deli meats enthusiast ask is, can you freeze deli meat? Yes, you can. It’s very much possible to freeze deli meat.

Actually, by freezing, you’ll be able to extend the life of these meats by approximately 4 – 6 months. All you need to do is indicate the date that you stored the meat inside the freezer. Use a permanent marker to write the date. By indicating the date, you’ll be able know the precise duration it has been stored.

Heavy Cream Vs. Half And Half – Which One Is The Best?

As the resident ‘foodie’ at my place of work, I normally field questions related to food. One of the most common questions I answer is, which is the best cream between heavy cream and half & half cream.

Many people ask me whether they can substitute either of these two for the other. The heavy cream vs. half and half debate has been on for quite some time now. Most folks are clueless on which of the two to use on which recipe.

Cream has remained an indispensable addition to countless recipes. The difference between different creams is the milk fat amount in each. Milk fat is a substance that rises naturally right to the top of unhomogenized milk. The cream – fat layer at the top – is separated from the milk and then pasteurized.

Best Electric Knife – Why It So Good And How To Buy It

Slicing, carving and chopping meat can be funny, but they require a lot of effort and time. In case of cutting a turkey or a touch portion of beef, manual work might not bring into play, especially for those who are not good at cooking.

A traditional knife is not easy to use effortlessly, but an electric one is an entirely different story. More than just a cutter, the best electric knife works like a charm. You simply press a button, slice it like normal and let its blade does all the rest.

Easy And Quick Substitutes For Eggs In Meatballs

Let’s say you’re in dire need to bind meatballs, but you lack eggs. The first inclination for many people is to panic. The second one is to rush to the store and purchase some eggs. Fortunately, you don’t have to do any of these two things. Plenty of substitutes for eggs in meatballs exist.

The good thing is that your meatballs will still taste as good. The best part is that you’ll not have to halt your cooking in order to head to the store. The substitutes are also ideal for anyone that doesn’t eat eggs.

Whether you forgot to include eggs to your shopping list, or you are trying to avoid eggs, you should try the following substitutes to help you bind your meatballs. You’ll be pleasantly amazed by how effective they’re equally. Actually, you might find yourself forgoing them in the future.

Here are some of the easy and quick substitutes for eggs in meatballs:

Can You Freeze Lunch Meat? Discover The Shocking Truth

Lunch meat is also known as luncheon meat, deli meat, or cold cut. You can purchase these kinds of meats in retail stores and deli markets. Deli meats normally take the form of loaves or slices. Because of the rising demand for these ready-to-consume products, lunch meats have become highly popular.

Just as their name suggests, lunch meats are handy for lunch sandwiches. Since they’re already pasteurized and cooked, there’s no need to be worried about bacteria contamination. To address the needs of customers, the meats may or may not be cured.

What is for sure is the fact that lunch meats are not only versatile foods, they’re also sumptuous. You can find them in almost all households in different forms. Some people add them as the main star in a sandwich. Others dice the meats and add them to their favorite salads. Another group serves them in thin slices together with cheese.