Best Soda Makers 2017 – Make Your Parties More Memorable

Do you want to put some fun in parties? Do you want to make family’s weekend gatherings more memorable? If so, all you need is the best home soda maker that brings along the nostalgia of the old soda store but can stir up any event.

Not only home soda makers are fun and full of entertainment, but they also give you various choices to mix in addition to traditional soda flavors. More importantly, they are very environmental-friendly and economical with your wallet.

We have conveyed lots of research in order to pick up the list of top soda makers on the market recently. Through this review, you’ll introduce them all so that you can choose the right product based on your demands without any confusion.


What Is A Soda Maker?

A soda maker is a device that allows you to carbonate water and make it fizzy. You just need to push one or two buttons, and the device will do the rest. Basically, what you’ll need is to pour the water into a bottle, place it back to the device as coordinated then it will be mixed with CO2, which represents the bubbly fizz.

At that point, you can add a little concentrated syrup for extra flavor. Numerous soda makers available today are designed to be efficiently small and portable. Some work with convenient gas canisters instead of using electricity or batteries.

​What A Soda Maker Can Do

  • Entertainment: Soda makers are entertaining. They are cool additions to an event, such as a party, a friend gathering, a joyful family night or even a wedding. Both the young and the old will be delighted with soft drinks done in the good old days.
  • Saving: Soda makers make the enjoyment of carbonated beverages more affordable. They are handy in big events and can save you lots of expenses.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Soda makers help to reduce the number of bottles. We all know how bottles harmful the bottles effect on the Earth due to their decomposition taking for thousands of years.
  • Versatility: soda makers set no limit on your imagination to create your own favorite drink recipes. Add in more or less whatever you want and try different flavors. Making signature drinks for your family and friends would be cool!

The Invention of Soda Makers

The first model of soda makers was created in 1903. It was known as the predecessor to modern SodaStream. Served only for the rich and affluent, it started to add flavor in the 1920's. The updated soda maker versions were only available to the public in 1955.

The modern soda makers have progressed significantly from those models in the past. In general, they require neither electricity nor batteries and no need to plug as a result. They use CO2 which was added in a can and inserted in the device.

What To Look For The Best Soda Maker

Generally, there are several basic factors that you should take into consideration to choose the best soda maker. Manufacturers provide different models with different features. You’ll need to make comparisons and your decision.

Here is some advice that will help you focus on the main points determining which one is good and which one is the best.

  • Safety: Without a doubt, safety always comes first when it comes to buying a machine. It would be wise to prepare some safety features in advance, such as safety valves for CO2 canisters.
  • Reliability: You do not want your drinks taste differently every time, right? The device should be durable despite how compact its size and how powerful it is. Also, if you need a guarantee, then don’t forget its warranty.
  • Ease of Use: A soda maker should be user-friendly. How easy or hard to add the CO2 can is one thing to bear in mind. Besides, the operation of the device should be easy.
  • CO2 Can: Nowadays, many soda makers work through a CO2 can instead of batteries or an electricity connection. CO2 cans come at various sizes and prices, so it’s great when settling on a specific model that you like. Also, remember to check beforehand the size, availability and price of the substitutive cans.
  • Material: Most of the soda makers available come with one or a couple of plastic containers. The manufacturers provide many choices of BPA-free plastic bottles. However, there are still some choices for glass bottle which is a comfort for people who dislike drinking out of plastic.
  • Locking Feature: One more interesting twist is the freshness-locking feature in some higher-end devices which is worth-considering as carbonation has a tendency to go flat after a short time.
  • Flavor: There are abundant choices of flavors. Because many soda makers provide flavor samples, you’re free to taste the flavor of the drink made by them. Some devices come with free drink recipes for its model. Otherwise, you can search for various formulas on the Internet or custom your own drinks. By that, you can try plenty of flavorful soda drinks, from standard flavor to your own unique taste.
  • Capacity: If you are going to use it at a wedding, the better choice is the one with larger capacity. But if it’s only for home use, you don’t need to spend much money on that, but a cheap model would hold up pleasantly for your purpose.

How Much Does A Soda Maker Cost?

It’s very easy for you to get a decent soda maker on the web, for example, on the Amazon, with $50 or somewhat less price tag. Of course, this is just the basic model without frills or other extensions. The lower end soda maker has the smaller size with the smaller CO2 container. This CO2 can is less expensive to repurchase or refill, and it runs out quicker too.

The medium-end soda makers keep running around $100. Some of them come with more durable design with extra features, for example, carbonation level controller. The higher end soda makers run from $150 or higher. Many gadgets are not only durable but also eye-catching. The higher end gadgets regularly offer flavor samples with additional CO2 containers and also different perks.

Our List Of Top 5 Best Soda Makers

Numerous available soda makers offer both convenience and quality at a nice expense. But which are the best for your buck? The list below is some choices of soda makers based on the information of the manufacturer, customer rating and price that you can consider to find out the one suitable for your need.

SodaStream Fountain Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

This soda maker lets users transform normal plain water into a flavorful soda pop. The gadget-sized at 17’’ x 10’’ x 5.5’’ and arrives in sleek black and silver design. It takes a 60-liter CO2 container to run and accompanies a rebate can.

The best thing about this soda machine is the ability to make over 30 cans-worth of soda and over 60 flavors. It also comes with 6 sample flavors to choose. Besides, no batteries or power is required. It’s super easy to clean too.

SodaStream Fountain has received thousands of positive feedbacks from users all other the world. Most customers rate this gadget user-friendly with great functions at its price point. Although there exist some worries about replacing and refilling the CO2 container, you can handle this concern by getting plenty of use per can.


  • Various flavors
  • Includes a mini CO2 carbonator.
  • 2 years of warranty


  • No LED fizz indicator
  • No automatic carbonation

SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

This one is another high-end model from SodaStream. However, true to its position, it’s a pleasant gadget which features appealing black or white metal design and is able to create over 40 soda flavors. Like other competitors, it doesn't need a power source or batteries since it powered by CO2.

The soda maker requires a 60-liter CO2 container, and an extra container is included as purchasing. It also comes with 6 samples of flavor just like the previous one. Carbonation level can be controlled via LED display, and furthermore, you’ll have a Snap-Lock bottle that secures the carbonation with just one single twist.

Feedbacks from customers about this model are genuinely positive yet could be better. On the positive side, the gadget is rated by most users as it’s simple to use and easy to assemble. However, refilling CO2 is fairly costly.


  • Various flavors
  • Features a LED Fizz indicator
  • Includes a mini CO2 carbonator.
  • Snap-Lock bottle feature with one single twist
  • 2 years of warranty


  • No automatic carbonation
  • A few customers complain that CO2 is leaked out from the seal before fully carbonated.

KitchenAid KSS3121CU Sparkling Beverage Maker Powered by SodaStream

This soda maker offers you a convenient method to make soda drinks in the blink of an eye. It uses a 3-ounces CO2 container, so you simply need to insert the can, pull the lever, and you’re ready to get your favorite soda pop. No batteries or power required, of course!

A great feature of this gadget is that it’s powered by SodaStream, which implies that all flavors and internal parts are in compliance with SodaStream standard, allowing customers to enjoy featured slick design without scarifying the quality of the taste.

As purchasing, you’ll get a free 1-liter CO2 container and 3 flavor samples. In my opinion, this is the most eye-catching machine compared to others on this list thanks to a high-grade metal housing. Additionally, the carbonation is designed with a 4-postion easy-to-accessible handle which makes it look like a premium orange juice machine.


  • Extreme nice design
  • Comes in up to 8 colors
  • Made of metal
  • Affordable price


  • Only one year of warranty
  • This size is quite big compared to other best soda makers

Flavorstation Home Beverage Maker

This soda maker is ideal for customers who need a cheap and compact machine as well as for those who do not require to make a large amount of soda at once. Also, no batteries or power is required because CO2 powers the gadget.

Just insert the CO2 container, and your soda is ready for you to drink. The capacity of the CO2 can is 20 liters, and there will be another included in the initial kit. The price tag of this soda maker is low, so it’s appealing to wide range of customers.

This model is rated with fairly good feedbacks. For some users, it will be a drawback as the gadget just accepts 0.5-liter container, however, for many others, it’s acceptable with a compact unit like this. Many customers praise that it will be cheaper for refilling (around $6 per refill) since the CO2 can’s size is small.


  • Very low price
  • Very simple and quick to use


  • Small capacity
  • The CO2 tank is poor quality
  • Lacks advanced features

Crystal Home Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

This soda maker is on the top of the line. It features a slick look with stainless steel and black plastic. It also comes with a glass carafe and a full 2-year warranty.

Similar to the competitors, this one does not require batteries or electricity as it runs by CO2 from the container. The gadget uses medium size CO2 container, which is 60 liter. Besides, it sized at 20’’ x 29’’ x 4’’ and weighs about 10 pounds, which is rather big in contrast with other best soda makers.

Customers love this machine. Some reviews expressed that at this high-end cost, it should offer two glass bottles instead of only one. However, many others are quite satisfied to have a gadget using glass bottle rather than plastic. Some reported occurrences of broken parts or non-working machines yet most additionally expressed that they were obliged for their deficient gadget.


  • Includes a glass bottle instead of a plastic one.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Very sleek design
  • 2 years of warranty


  • No LED fizz indicator
  • No automatic carbonation
  • The most expensive product in this list

How To Use A Soda Maker

Regardless of the possibility that you've never used a soda maker before, you won't find it hard to operate in spite of getting the perfect measure of the bubble may take some experimentation. Here are some tips on using a soda maker:

What Water To Use

The quality of water that you add to produce your hand-crafted beverage has an inseparable tie to how great it turns out. Tap water is okay, but it’s not the best choice. You may discover the taste is enhanced significantly when using filtered water, especially in case of having a chlorine reducer in the filter.

Kitchen faucet filters carry out the employment finely. Besides, you can utilize water directly from a dispenser in your fridge. Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to make sure that the water is cold before you add it to your soda. Only a couple of degrees above freezing appear to produce the best outcome.

How to Make the Soda

Once your machine is ready to turn on, put it in the carbonator and reset the meter. Pour the cold water into the carbonating container and screw it firmly.

As in operation, some machines can make boisterous noises like buzzers. These sounds notify different steps. Typically, one buzz implies that the bottle is softly carbonated. Three buzzes indicate that the soda reaches its average amount in the container. Five buzzes mean that the sort of carbonation found in cola drinks.

How To Add Flavors To Your Drink

Only after the water is carbonated, the favor can be included. No matter what kind of flavoring you pick, simply take after directions and permitted yourself to be dragged into the center of it. Don't shake the container, just delicately flip it forward and backward to blend the substance altogether.

Keep in mind to always use cold water and only add the flavoring AFTER the carbonating has been finished.


There are many obvious advantages of having this kind of kitchen appliance, such as saving the earth, saving the cash, having fun with family, etc. It also brings to you healthier drinks instead of calorie rich and fully sugar filled soft beverages out there.

You'll additionally find out other great and interesting things you can experience with it, and how to appropriately clean it. Many free delicious soda recipes are waiting for you to search on the Internet or you may even create something new by your own.

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