How To Choose The Best Hand Coffee Grinder For You

A great cup of coffee is difficult to come by. If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you’ll be picky about the kind of grinder you choose. Searching and finding the best hand coffee grinder isn’t a walk in the park.

Anytime you find yourself on the move and you’re in need of a grinder, you shouldn’t look any further than a hand coffee grinder for your daily coffee needs. Hopefully, you’ll purchase one that’s effortless to use and leaves you with a consistent and precise grind.

The truth is that coffee grinders weren't created equal. Warranty, function, size and material are just some of the factors you should consider when in the market for a hand coffee grinder.


Are you a true fanatic of coffee together with its aroma? If yes, then you ought to select fresh ground beans in comparison to the pre-ground ones.

In terms of grinding coffee beans and having them, the hand coffee grinders don’t have a match. Consequently, you must purpose to settle for a coffee grinder that addresses all your needs.

The mistake many people make when searching for a manual grinder is to rush the process. To be on the safe side, you must take your time. Don’t be in a hurry to make a purchase.

Remember that employing the use of a handheld grinder is convenient especially when on the go. If you are passionate about coffee and traveling or exploring different parts of the country, then buying a portable coffee machine is certainly the way to go.

Before looking at the top five hand coffee grinders in the market, let’s us look at why should use a manual compared to an automatic one. Read on …

Why Grind Your Coffee By Hand?

Hand grinders boast a number of advantages compared to automatic grinders. They offer such a simple luxury in the field of specialty coffee. Here are some of the reasons you should grind your coffee by hand:

​Hand Grinders Are Ideal For Travelers

Are you planning a road trip? Finding a high quality and fresh cup of coffee can be hard especially when bouncing around from one hotel to another.

Hand grinders are your ideal solution when you’re on the move. These appliances are not only small but also effortless to carry. Ultimately, you enjoy your preferred specialty coffee regardless of where you are.

​Hand Grinders Help Slow Down The Process

With a hand grinder, you not only helps you slow down your process of making coffee, you’ll also truly enjoy the procedure from bean to cup. What’s more is that the appliance is highly satisfying to use.

Besides, who doesn’t enjoy throwing in some elbow grease with a morning coffee cup?

​Hand Grinders Are Affordable

Compared to their automatic counterparts, hand grinders tend to be more affordable. That fact makes them an excellent choice for folks on a budget.

Hand Grinders Are Durable

Manual coffee grinders last longer compared to electrical grinders. So what makes more durable? These gadgets use fewer parts. They’re also designed to be long lasting. Their long lasting nature explains why coffee grinders feature crazy warranties such as 25 years and above.

Factors To Consider When In The Market For The Best Coffee Grinder

When looking for the best coffee grinder, consider the following factors:

Material (Is It Long Lasting?)

Hand coffee grinders come in an array of materials. Nonetheless, you should consider ceramic or stainless steel as the best option. Such material not only looks great on your countertop, it’s also long-lasting and easy to clean.

Do you intend to travel with your grinder? If yes, then you should keep off those made from ceramic material. Stick to grinders made from hardened plastic or stainless steel.


If you intend to grind while on the go, you’ll need to consider purchasing one that incorporates a glossy, cylindrical shape. The shape makes it very easy to store as well as manage. When it comes to portability, less is definitely more. Nevertheless, if traveling with a hand grinder doesn’t concern you, something vintage and nice looking might suit you more.


The rule of thumb is that you ought to get the best bang for your money. That includes a lifetime or extended warranty. Excellently made products often provide a lifetime warranty or long-term warranty. That’s because their products tend to be manufactured with utmost precision and expertise. You should be aware of grinders without a warranty. What do they want to hide? That’s the million-dollar question you need to ask yourself!


Consistency and function are key. You need an appliance with functional apps that produce similar results regardless of what you’re grinding. It’s not worth it to have something that ‘only grinds’. You must purchase something that grinds to unique tastes. The truth is that some grinders don’t grind consistently. They leave your brew under or over extracted.


You must appreciate the fact that hand coffee grinders are somewhat cheaper compared to other grinders in the market. For instance, while a manual grinder might run you approximately $10 - $50, automatic ones cost in the range of $400 - $1000 or even more. Before putting your cash down, it’s important to keenly pass through reviews that have been left on websites.

While at it, make sure you do your due diligence in terms of strictly reading authentic reviews. The good thing is that most products sold online attract a substantial number of reviews, both positive and negative. Therefore, in order to make a purchase, make sure you extensively pass through the reviews on different sites. Furthermore, never be in a hurry.


Hand coffee grinders come in an array of material, consistency, and design. Simply put, you’re spoilt for choice when you’re in the market for a grinder. Hundreds if not thousands of options exist for you to choose from.

Consequently, you must make a determination of the appliance that meets your needs before digging deep into your pocket and making a purchase. By doing that, you’ll surely settle for the best hand coffee grinder. There is no doubt about that.

Top 5 Best Hand Coffee Grinders

After understanding the rightful place that hand coffee grinders hold in the coffee world, it’s now time to have a look at the best grinders the market has to offer. Here’s a comprehensive list of the top 5 best grinders:

The HandGround Coffee Grinder

There’s no doubt that the creators of this amazing hand coffee grinder definitely scratched their itch. The appliance is not only simple to use, it also delivers a consistency that’s at par with an automatic grinder.

In fact, the consistency is unmatched in the field of hand grinders. All you need to do is set, load, and grind. Just throw your coffee beans in the hopper, set the grind setting, and rotate the handle.

The appliance brings with it fifteen grind settings which means that you can brew for all kinds of brewing methods from espresso (fine) to cold brew (super coarse). Just like with many hand grinders, you’ll be unable to brew for Turkish coffee (super fine).

Nevertheless, the most important thing is that you can select a setting and utilize it again and again. That’s something you can’t do with other grinders on the market.


  • Effortless to grind – The appliance grinds through beans just like hot butter through a sharp object
  • It features a large hopper – You don’t have to put up with annoying refilling mid grind
  • The grinder has boasts a beautiful design – It’s very high in quality
  • Ability to select different settings for every brew method


  • It’s slightly larger compared to other grinders, which means it’s less portable
  • The grinder is slightly expensive compared to other options on the list

The coffee mill is ideal for those that realize the utmost significance of consisted grinds whenever they brew their coffee. Hands down, in terms of quality, functionality, and performance, this is the best manual grinder in the market.

If you’re into a damn good coffee, then this is the best coffee grinder for you.

The Zassenhaus Santiago Hand Coffee Grinder, Mahogany

The Zassenhaus grinder is crafted expertly. It features such a beautiful mahogany finish. The coffee mill is touted as the finest in the market because of its high-quality grind abilities, 25-year warranty, and conical burr.

Other color options apart from mahogany exist. They include black beechwood and stunning beechwood finishes. Compared to the typical electrical burr grinders, the machine is smaller thus allowing you to grind your beans even while on the go.

Nonetheless, in terms of hand grinders, this one is a little bulkier and larger. Fortunately, it compensates by featuring a size that comes with added style. You’ll most definitely find the beautiful mahogany veneer finish irresistible.

With the manual grinder, you’re guarantee of a grind function that offers you consistent results all the time. What’s more is the fact that it doesn’t take your sensitive bean flavor through the heat that’s generated from the electrical grinders.


  • A no break 25-year warranty (focuses on the grinding mechanism)
  • Conical burrs that protect the ground coffee beans’ integrity
  • World-class materials


  • Relatively expensive in comparison to others in the list
  • Slightly expensive compared to other grinders, which makes it less portable
  • Grind setting dial doesn’t have numbers meaning that achieving the same might be challenging

The Zassenhaus is an amazing purchase for coffee enthusiasts that want a tiny manual grinder, that’s functional and beautiful.

Boasting a 25-year warranty, anyone interested in buying this grinder is assured of owning a top-notch appliance for such a long time. The machine is strictly for art/hand grinder fanatics.

Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Traveling enthusiasts never stop raving about this amazing coffee mill. It’s perfectly designed to grind your coffee with perfect accuracy. The appliance is perfect for anyone that’s constantly on the move.

So what makes it an incredible companion? For starters, it brings with it an easy-to-grip cylindrical shape that makes it effortless to stash in your car, pack inside a suitcase or even hike with.

The machine fits perfectly into an Aerospace thus making it highly convenient in terms of packing. On top of it all, the appliance weighs only 10.4 ounces. The fact that it’s made from stainless steel makes cleaning extremely easy.

In addition to holding temperature extremely well, the machine is virtually indestructible. You’re assured of producing accurate grinds for a course, fine, or even grinds in between.

Finally, yet importantly, the appliance has a neat tiny dial that ensures you remember the remarkable grind you produced.


  • It features a portable design that ideal for any coffee aficionado on the move
  • Effortless to use with versatile features that achieve nothing short of incredible grind for different brew types


  • Small capacity – It’s suited for only 1-2 grind
  • Simple features that aren’t designed for sophisticated use

The coffee grinder is ideal for anyone that wants to have their coffee while on the move or exploring the outdoors. The portable appliance is very easy to use. It brings with it simple features such as versatility and grinding strength.

As a user, you get the opportunity to have an incredible cup of coffee anytime you feel like.

Hario Skerton Ceramic Hand Coffee Grinder

The Hario Ceramic Hand Coffee Grinder brings with it a host of features such as an ergonomic design, ceramic burrs for additional grind precision, large storage capacity and slip-free rubber base.

Such a combination makes this grinder an excellent purchase for anyone that needs a manual coffee mill. Easy to use while on the go, the coffee mill is also lightweight and small.

You also stand to have such an easy time cleaning it, which makes it perfect for those that lack access to their kitchen sink. Assembling, disassembling, and reassembling it is super easy. You don’t need countless hours of assembling it in order to prepare your coffee.


  • Slip-free rubber base which makes it ideal for an easy grind
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble
  • Easy to clean


  • It’s not the lightest in the market
  • Needs elbow grease to grind

The coffee mill is best suited for those headed out for camping or traveling. It’s also perfect if you always want your preferred coffee beans with you. It’ll blend your coffee beans perfectly without sacrificing the taste.

The grinder is designed for anyone that wants a product that’ll carry through the conditions with much ease.

The ROK Hand Coffee Grinder

The ROK Coffee Grinder has a polished aluminum exterior construction. In our humble opinion, the grinder looks modern. It’s without a doubt one of the coolest manual grinders the market has to offer.

When it comes to performance, the grinder is among the most effective. Two reasons inform this point. Primarily, it produces nothing short of high-quality grinds.

Secondly, the appliance is extremely easy to use. Actually, the machine is extremely easy to use in the sense that you can even do the grinding with only one hand. What’s more is the fact that you can handle the job within half the time in comparison to other conventional hand coffee grinders.

Lab tests indicate that it produces fine grinds that are better than those produced by automatic grinders within the $600 range.


  • Offers a superior barista experience
  • The appliance outperforms other high-end electric burr grinders
  • Extremely easy to use
  • It comes with a cool design


  • Unsuitable for travel
  • Costly in comparison to other hand coffee grinders
  • Difficult to clean because it's static and its small hopper size
  • Average performance at coarser range


Freshly ground coffee beans are what separate ‘okay’ cups of coffee from excellent ones. There’s a great feeling compared to utilizing a hand coffee grinder to crush your own beans.

Most likely, you’ve come across automatic coffee grinders at your local barista or on the market. While an automatic grinder can help to speed up the preparation process, hand coffee grinders normally force you to not only slow down but also savor the experience right from the bean to cup.

From the list above, we can authoritatively state that the best hand coffee grinder is the The HandGround Coffee Grinder. Why is that the case? It’s mainly because it's intended to perform much better in comparison to the others.

Simply put, it enables you to grind coffee beans perfectly with the use of your hands. Turning the crank of this coffee mill doesn’t feel like your entire body is working out.

We are surely impressed with the performance and quality of the machine. It’s our hope that you’ll land the best hand coffee grinder from any of the above-reviewed products.

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