Best Counter Depth Refrigerator Review: How To Choose The Best And Valuable One

One of the most impressive attributes of a counter depth refrigerator is the fact that it doesn’t protrude from your cabinets. Actually, it’s aesthetically pleasing since you can’t see the sides. Ultimately, you enjoy more space in your room.

Simply put, counter depth refrigerators look better.

Before looking at the top five best counter depth refrigerators, let’s us first have a look at why you need to consider owning one:


Why You Should Consider A Counter Depth Refrigerator

The term ‘counter-depth’ might be misleading to many folks. That is the case because the real measurement varies from the normal counter depth measurement of 25 inches.

Even in the large kitchens, it’s unusual to have bottom cabinets, which are deeper, compared to the normal 24 inches depth. The counter tends to protrude further, roughly by one inch.

The following are some of the reasons you should consider counter depth refrigerators:

Convenient Access To The Contents

Looking, finding and retrieving content from your counter depth fridge is easier compared to the traditional ones. Actually, it requires less extended bending. The same applies to a freezer compartment.

You Get A More Streamlined Look

Most people will settle for these kinds of fridge because they give their kitchen a uniform profile. The units don’t protrude several inches past the counter.

Less Work Triangle Congestion And Better Traffic Flow

When your fridge has a standard depth, it’ll be deeper compared to neighboring cabinets and counter sometimes protruding to the primary traffic area. That can create some sort of bottleneck in your kitchen space.

Distinct Storage Possibilities

Because the counter depth models are wider compared to the conventional depth units, they allow for storage of the wide cold cut trays. That’s something that isn’t possible with the narrower fridges. It also applies to the longer door bins, which might be quite easy to access and organize.

Accessing The Interior Of The Door

Access bottom freezer is much easier. The pullout bottom freezer drawer has a shorter depth that’s much nicer when it comes to the room needed to open it.

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons to settle for a counter depth refrigerator. The above are just some of them.

Now let’s look at the best counter depth refrigerators:

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Counter Depth Refrigerator

Are you out of love with your current refrigerator? Perhaps its motor is too loud that it’s causing you sleepless nights. Maybe your existing refrigerator doesn’t keep veggies and fruits crisp. Regardless of the case, you should find a new fridge that will ensure your food remains perfectly chilled.

The following are the top factors you should consider when in the market for the best counter depth refrigerator:


In terms of establishing the appropriate fridge capacity, the million-dollar question to ask yourself is, how many people will use your fridge? The golden rule when considering capacity is to make the following choices:

  • 1-2 people require a fridge with a space of 250 - 280L
  • 3-4 people require a fridge with a space of 345 – 450L
  • 5 or more people require a fridge with a space of 450L or more

It’s advisable to consider a refrigerator with ample freezer space especially if you’re a large family.

Energy Consumption

Your fridge is the only appliance within the house that’s normally turned on for many hours. Therefore, it contributes to such a high percentage of energy consumption at home.

Before making a purchase, it’s prudent to confirm the number that appears on the energy label. Lower numbers mean less energy bill.


Refrigerators come in an array of designs. Some of them include pigeon pair, French door, side by side, bottom mount, and top mount. Each of the designs brings with it its cons and pros. Therefore, it’s highly advisable you determine the exact design that’s convenient for your use.


Your fridge’s width is an essential factor worth considering. Many refrigerators perfectly fit between a counter space. The most important thing is to take your front door’s measurements.

Consider your kitchen’s design for you to settle for the best-sized fridge. The ideal size is the one that leaves ample room on the top, rear and either side of your fridge in order to enable it to have some space to let off heat.

Extra Features

Having extra features on your fridge means you have an added advantage. Some of the additional features to consider include:

  • Water and ice dispenser
  • Crisper drawer
  • Adjustable feet/rollers
  • Door handles
  • Split shelves
  • Controls (automatic defrosting, warning beeps, memory that examines door openings and temperature controls)

The above are some of the key factors you should consider when choosing a refrigerator.

Let’s now look at the top five best counter depth refrigerators:

Review: Top 5 Best Counter Depth Refrigerator

Midea WHS-87LWD1 Counter Depth Refrigerator

Midea is among the leading global manufacturers of compact wine coolers, kegerators, and refrigerators. Since their inception in 1968, the manufacturer has turned out be an international leader in the assembling and manufacturing of high-value and high-quality appliances.

One of the best products, this compact refrigerator features a streamlined look that’ll complement any setting or room style. It’s ideal for RVs, cabins, tiny homes, boats, garages, home theaters, nurseries, bedrooms, dorm rooms, offices, mini bars, small apartments, galley kitchens, and European kitchens.


In addition to being affordable and energy efficient, this compact refrigerator cools efficiently and quickly. Beverages and food remain evenly chilled regardless of the location you place them inside. It’s freezer compartment keeps both foods and ice perfectly frozen.

Midea compact refrigerators are ideal for an array of uses. That’s exactly what makes the refrigerator an ideal choice for many people with different needs.


Enjoy the utmost convenience of a free-standing counter depth refrigerator on any space. The Midea counter depth refrigerator brings with it a free-standing compact size that’s ideal for dorm rooms.

If you one for your office needs, look no more. Tuck this one right under your desk in your office for snacks. The refrigerator is also perfect for family rooms. It’s highly convenient for family rooms, man caves, and even home theatres. The equipment is quiet enough for utilization in a bedroom or nursery.


  • Features an adjustable leg
  • Separable chiller compartment
  • Low noise
  • Energy saving
  • Mechanical control with an adjustable thermostat
  • Reversible door with a wood like finish


  • Packaging could be much better

Summit Ingenious FF1525PL Counter Depth Refrigerator

The Summit Ingenious Counter Depth Refrigerator will make you rethink your common household refrigerator. It’s available in a full size unit that features a contemporary platinum finish as well as striking curved door design.

The refrigerator features an exterior digital control panel that grants you access to a distinct collection of features. For instance, it has an express chill zone that’s ideal for serving beverages to guests or preparing some temperature-sensitive desserts.

Another impressive feature is temperature control that enables you to adjust your units’ temperature without the need to open the door. Are you heading out for a holiday? If yes, then you don’t have to be worried. There’s a feature in the unit that helps you save the overall energy usage of the unit whenever you’re away of short trips.

The unit also brings with it an open door alarm. The audible alarm releases a sound whenever you leave the doors open for an extended period of time. With the power cool feature, your unit will be able to work at optimum power to cool room temperature stuff such as new groceries.

The unit intelligently adapts to your daily use to not only save energy but also defrost. It uses energy only when needed without harming food care.


  • Frost-free operation guarantees low maintenance operation through the elimination of manual defrosting process
  • Door storage half and full shelves in both compartments• Platinum finish stylish look that perfectly suits many kitchen styles
  • Adjustable safety glass shelves
  • Adequate freezer and refrigerator space to remove shelves or all sizes for simple cleanup
  • An express-chill zone special freezer that enables you to cool down items real time
  • The external water dispenser offers filtered water at utmost convenience


  • Most customers claim that delivery of the unit wasn’t smooth

Fisher Paykel ActiveSmart Counter Depth Refrigerator

There’s no doubt that this unit has been tailored to maximize space and access. It features French door refrigerators to bring theatre right into your kitchen.

The good thing is that it does all this devoid of unobstructed access to the wide-open shelf spaces. The unit also features a spacious full-extension drawer as well as storage bins that offer ergonomic solutions for the freezer items.

The refrigerators has the impressive ActiveSmart™ Foodcare feature that ensures your food remains fresher for longer through constantly evaluating the unit and then adapting to maintain an optimum temperature.

It’s easy living feature makes sure that the unit adapts easily to your lifestyle by streamlining food organization and preparation without Smart touch controls. The unit is sized to suit. That simply means that it comes in numerous widths.

Different families as well as kitchens both small and large can find this unit worthwhile. Its tailored to easily fit your kitchen. The concealed hinges on the model add to a refined and clean appearance.


  • Features flexible storage options and SmartTouch controls
  • Adjustable door shelves contain spills and drips that allow for effortless customization. That simply means that the items not only fit into your unit, they also stay clean.
  • Covered door shelves
  • Vegetable and fruit bins
  • Soft-close doors
  • Ultra-slim water dispenser
  • Humidity control beans that have adjustable temperature controls to keep vegetables and fruits fresh


  • Some users claim that the water dispenser is weak
  • Annoying permanent light
  • Slight expensive compared to the other units in the list

EdgeStar 3.1 Cu. Ft. Counter Depth Refrigerator

The Edgestar counter depth refrigerator brings with it all the incredible features of a full sized refrigerator. It will fit perfectly to even the most compact space possible.

The refrigerator and freezer are separated for more storage and space. The freezer has the ability to freeze foods down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum temperature and freezing time. It’s ideal for areas that lack space such as dorm rooms, offices or any other smaller rooms.

The freezer/fridge is handy at helping you store plenty of stuff in the minimal space. The unit features an adjustable thermostat that enables you to set the ideal temperature within the temperature range of 34 – 6- degrees Fahrenheit. The auto defrost on the other hand means that there’s no need to remove the buildup of ice manually.

The unit comes with a glass shelf, vegetable crisper, adjustable wire shelf, in-door storage etc. The counter depth refrigerator can fit effortlessly into tight spaces while offering ample freezer. The refrigerator compartment features an interior light makes it effortless to find stored drinks and food. The compact fridge freezer model is Energy Star rated.

That simply means that it boasts the ability to save energy compared to other models in the market today. Finally yet importantly, you enjoy 90-day warranty labor by purchasing this amazing unit.


  • Slide out shelves
  • 90 day labor warranty
  • Automatic defrost in the refrigerator section
  • True stainless-steel doors with some black cabinets for freestanding installation
  • Reversible doors
  • True zero degree freezer
  • Door bins in the freezer and refrigerator sections


  • Somewhat noisy
  • Slightly expensive compared to others in the list
  • Some users complained of the refrigerator being smaller compared to the primary compartment for beer and food

Avallon 5.5 Cu Ft Counter Depth Refrigerator

The Avallon counter depth refrigerator satisfies anyone that’s in the market for a little fridge. It features only 24-inches wide. In terms of wideness, the unit is just under 35 inches.

The in-built model is highly versatile. Kitchens, both small and large together with basements, dorm rooms, and home bars will benefit hugely from the refrigerated space that the unit offers.

Anywhere you place it, it’ll definitely look good with its stainless steel handle and stainless steel door. The counter depth fridge also features a true-key lock that enables you to feel a sense of security of your fridge’s content. Regardless of whatever you want to store in the fridge, there’s no doubt that it will remain clean and fresh.

Enjoy extra door storage for wine, large soda bottles, juice, or milk. The unit has a touch control panel, which enables you to regulate wide temperature range for single zone fridge. You can set it anywhere from 34 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit. With the fridge, you get a unit with a right hinged door.

The last thing you’ll have to worry about are uneven cooling or hot spots. That is because of its highly powerful circulation fans that work excellently with the compressor in order to distribute cool air evenly.

The unit also has a door for the storage of large soda bottles, orange juice, and milk. The adjusting and monitoring temperature of the unit is very simple courtesy of the touch control panel.


  • Single zone cooling unit
  • Internal LED lights with an option to change between white and blue
  • 3 sanded glass shelves with a touch control panel and 2 lights on the right side
  • Carbon filter included
  • Compressor powered cooling
  • Temperature range of 34 – 50 degrees F


  • Some users had to eliminate the leveling legs in order for the fridge to get in
  • The unit has holes that ought to have been predrilled
  • Some units have shaky doors


Counter depth refrigerators are turning out to be highly popular nowadays for designer kitchens. Due to their slim profile, at roughly 30 inches or less, the units line up with cabinets and counter tops for such a seamless appearance.

Have you been looking for the best counter depth refrigerators? If yes, the look no further than any of the above featured ones.

After a careful and extensive analysis, we can authoritatively conclude the best counter depth refrigerator among the ones featured is the Summit Ingenious FF1525PL Counter Depth Refrigerator.

From the above description of this refrigerator, it’s quite clear that it brings with it numerous world-class features. On top of the ones featured above, the unit boasts a platinum finish. Its stunning design provides such a modern look, which complements any kitchen décor.

What’s more is the fact that it has multiple crispers that include a humidity control produce drawer, sliding mini-crisper, and deli fresh compartment. The unit also boasts automatic lighting inside its compartment that provides maximum visibility.

The unique compartment of the fridge allows you to take your items without the need to open the door fully. Its no-spill ice cube technology gets rid of the mess of the standard ice cube tray.

Finally yet importantly, the fridge is 100% CFC free. That means that it has an environmentally friendly design that’s devoid of ozone-damaging chemicals.

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